Kansas Association
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Training opportunities are available at both the state and federal level as well as with private companies.
Kansas Department of Emergency Management
Various training available at https://ks.train.org
If you need assistance, contact Isabel Herrera Schultes at 785-274-1412 or maria.i.herrera@us.army.mil.
Emergency Management Institute (EMI)
Emmitsburg, Maryland
Public Information Officer Awareness Training (IS-29)
Interactive web-based 2.5-hour course
This course is designed for new or less experienced State or local Public Information Officers (PIOs) or those who have this role as a secondary function.
Social Media in Emergency Management (IS-42)
Interactive web-based 3-hour course
The purpose of this course is to provide the participants with best practices including tools, techniques, and a basic roadmap to build capabilities in the use of social media technologies in their own emergency management organizations (state, local, tribal) in order to further their emergency response missions.
Advanced Public Information Officer (E388)
Available various times throughout the year in Emmitsburg, MD
4-day course (6 with travel)
The advanced course builds on the foundations established in the Basic Public Information Officer (G290) and includes lectures, simulation exercies, and more. 
Advanced Public Information Officer: Health and Hospital Emergencies (MTG-902)
4-day course (6 with travel)
FEMA Noble Training Center in Anniston, AL
Master Public Information Officer (E389)
5-day course (7 with travel)
Pre and post course webinars and a project required.
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