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Our Members

Our members serve as public information officers for various local, county, state and federal agencies.

We also have representation from public information officers from  educational organizations and several non-profit agencies.  If you are a PIO from a municipal, state or federal office and would like a list of our membership, please e-mail Megan Gilliland, KAPIO President, at for an e-mail copy.  The list is not intended for commercial or solicitation purposes. 

Membership Qualifications and Dues

Individuals representing a public jurisdiction who share information via broadcast, print, or electronic media, including through various means of social media, to the population they serve. Members may be working communicators, public relations or community affairs specialists, public information officers, or public administrators, including appointed and elected officials.

Types of Membership
PLEASE NOTE: Our overarching goal is to connect anyone in Kansas with a PIO function in their job description with others in their field to network, share information and be a resource. All members are offered the opportunity to attend the annual conference (typically in May), quarterly meetings typically held in February, August and November, as well as any additional trainings offered during the year.

General Member ($40): Any communications professional working for a government agency in the State of Kansas can be a General Member. General members may hold office and vote in elections.

Associate Member ($55): Individuals employed by quasi-governmental agencies and individuals associated with organizations and entities that conduct business regularly in the area of communication with government agencies in Kansas.

Student Member ($20): Any student/intern from colleges or universities, interested in government communication as a profession.

Special Member ($40): Communications professionals formerly employed in government or quasi-government organizations.